It’s been a while since I wrote last time. Partly this was due to the new project I jumped into (more on this soon in another post). Partly to the rather empty state of mind I am in here in Berlin. This is not to blame the city or anything else, just an observation. In any case I decided to try writing in a more mindstream style.

Berlin to me has two major sides. Of course there is the side it is famous for, plenty of nice places, interesting people, something colourful happening all the time… I would recommend it for a visit without hesitation. But living here, it seems, can have some kind of paralysing effect on thoughtful persons. Of course it is unclear if thoughtfulness is so desirable at all. Certainly it is not very productive in terms of maximizing happiness. But I am not so sure if maximizing happiness is really the thing either. Definitely more convincing in my view than the artificial goals our social institutions seem to desperately focus on, like maximizing profit, maximizing GDP, maximizing reputation etc. But yet, I miss thoughtfulness, honest sadness, quiet dreaming instead of just swimming away in colourful rivers. I am sure this also exists in this city. It just always seems to escape when I get close…

Here the related audio to this text (you need to pass min. 2:50).

May 1st I

May 1st II

Carnival of cultures I

Carnival of cultures II

Carnival of cultures III

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